Personal Training, Coaching, and Fitness Consulting

The decision to get fit is an important step in your life. Hiring a personal trainer can be an essential part of this process toward your success. It will require the right guidance to achieve your goals and maintain them.

I am a qualified personal trainer, consultant, and coach with over 25 years in the fitness industry. I can help improve your health and fitness through proper exercise programming and nutritional guidance. I will motivate you daily to reach your fitness goals and together we will make results happen!

Words to describe your fitness journey: daily choices, hard work, dedication, and commitment. There is no magic pill or gimmick replacing adopting a healthy lifestyle the right way.

As your personal trainer or fitness consultant, I will provide the tools and knowledge necessary to succeed.

A master personal trainer at Stay Healthy Fitness, I provide personal training services, coaching, fitness consulting, lifestyle makeovers, nutritional guidance, motivational support, and online services.

The 12-week lifestyle makeover is one of the most popular services offered by Stay Healthy Fitness!

Online Resources

In addition to personal training and consulting services, I maintain a personal fitness blog sharing my Fit-Over-55 lifestyle. I am also a freelance writer of featured articles online with Verywell Fit and Natural Muscle Magazine. As a healthy recipe developer, my published recipes can be accessed here and on my blog. My YouTube channel hosts exercise and cooking videos. Check out the links to those resources below: