I have been so blessed with awesome clients and feel deeply touched by each and every one of their testimonials. Enjoy just a few of the many thanks received during my journey of working with wonderful people just like you.

While pregnant with my 2nd Child and watching the scale at the Doctors office go up 10-15lbs a month, I knew after the baby was born, it was time to get serious and “work out.” I called and met with 11 “Personal Trainers” in the local area mentioning I was pregnant and needed to learn what the right workouts would be for my body after the baby was born.

There were 20+ yr old gals and guys who probably were very good at what they do … but didn’t know where I was at or was going to need starting out again after baby #2 and a good 80 lbs to lose … not to mention, I wanted someone who knew what I was going through, who was a good example, who would be motivating, and help me.

A year later I am stepping out on my own, educated on good nutrition and accountable for it. I’m confident in the gym, understand the importance of rest, more aware of the responsibility I have with my own health/healthcare, confident about me, what I can accomplish, but most important — I feel great and my heart and body are healthier.

Darla taught me that I can and have to take care of myself, no excuses, and how to do it with as little as my ability to pre-plan meals and snacks, and my own body weight to do workouts … no fancy gyms needed … No excuses. I lost weight, gained muscle, look fitter in my clothes.

Fun now too is I like to shop (something I didn’t enjoy for a while).

Darla, you have not only helped me, but my whole family. We all eat much more nutritiously, make better choices when we eat out, choose our indulgences more wisely, and understand the choices we make have consequences — good and bad. Darla your passion, knowledge, patience, understanding, resourcefulness, professionalism, experience, motivation, and the example you set of Living a Healthy Lifestyle is what sets you apart from all the rest. I can’t thank you enough and look forward to continuing the Journey. Good fuel in, good energy out. Thank you Darla,”

Amy Masten, 39

My name is Rehana and I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my fitness trainer Darla, for helping me achieve my ideal weight by understanding exercise as a lifestyle and not just as a fad. She taught me about having a new attitude about food and exercise giving me a healthy lifestyle that has not only allowed me to focus but has given me the energy and clear mind set needed to handle all those day to day things we call life.

I now have a abundance of energy of being able to do all the things I want to do in handling my business and enjoying my family time without running out of steam. The BIG thing with exercising with Darla is she LISTENS and helps you through any injuries or restrictions. Her being a certified massage therapist helps too!

Rehana Khan, 38

Darla has been my personal trainer since the beginning of 2008. I am ecstatic about her training and my overall progress. Darla is a very experienced trainer; highly responsive to your individual abilities. Darla has helped me improve my overall health, strength, endurance and muscle tone. The best complement I get is when people acknowledge my progress and ask how did I do it … it is when I bring out Darla’s business card.

Thank you Darla!!!

Tom Esmanech
HP Director

Working with Darla has been a positive experience and also an educational one. She is so positive and makes exercising fun. It’s not just about going and working out with Darla, she helps you change your lifestyle physically which in turn also changes your mental attitude. She is honest and professional and you will feel very comfortable around her. If you want to change your appearance and health for the better, Darla will give a 110% of herself to help you in meeting your goals.
Celeste Ragan, 30
Postal Carrier

One word to describe my experience training with Darla … AMAZING. Darla is an exceptional trainer and I felt comfortable with her the minute I met her. Her wonderful personality and love for fitness shines through her every action.

Darla’s extensive nutritional knowledge and degrees in biology made me feel comfortable that she wasn’t going to put me through a workout that was going to cause me injury or on a nutritional plan that had me starving. The nutritional plan was simple and easy to stick to and the workout routine was tough but not impossible. I was very unhappy with the weight I was at, and with Darla’s program, I was able to lose almost 25 lbs. and 22.5 inches! Thank you Darla for helping me achieve my AMAZING results.

Kerry, 40